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In addition to the base Mimosa distribution, one expects to enrich the available functionality in terms of formalisms, scripting, visualizations and others by a number of plug-ins to be delivered here (it is sufficient to unzip them and to drop them into the "plugins" directory to be recognized by Mimosa):

Name Link Description
Agent agent.zip a set of classes for defining agent behaviours. Population of agents (and how to generate them) has been added.
Example example.zip a set of hard-coded examples to show how to add new formalisms/behaviours to Mimosa.
Graph graph.zip a probe observer drawing graphs using the JUNG API.
Object object.zip the plugin for writing the behaviours in a sort of asynchronous object-oriented way. Needs the script plugin.
Plot plot.zip a set of probe observers drawing various kinds of plots using the JFreeChart API.
Script script.zip the plugin for writing the behaviours using various scripting languages as Python, Java, Smalltalk, Scheme and Prolog. Easily extendible with more scripting languages.
Space space.zip essentially a probe observer for drawing 2D spaces with objects scattered on it but also a set of classes for implementing topologies of various sorts. But it has been extended for generalized cellular automata.
StateChart stateChart.zip the plugin for writing the behaviours using state charts. Needs the script plugin. Still under development.
Structure structure.zip the plugin for all the data structures which can be manipulated by mimosa now and the future versions. The spaces are now extensionsof structures.

These plugins are already provided with the standard distribution but they can be removed from the "plugins" directory if desired and more plugins can be developed.

ATTENTION: the above plugins are compatible with Mimosa 1.3.3!!! The plugins for Mimosa 1.3.2 can be found here: agent.zip, example.zip, graph.zip, object.zip, plot.zip, script.zip, space.zip and stateChart.zip.