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 First of all, such a software could not be done without all the free software available:

  • for scripting:
    • athena : the smalltalk scripting environment
    • beanshell: the java scripting environment
    • kawa: the scheme (and any lisp-like) scripting environment
    • jscheme: yet another (simpler) scheme scripting environment
    • jython: the Python scripting environment
    • tuprolog: the Prolog scripting environment
    • unimod: for state charts even if abandonned because too heavy and complicated
  • for the user interface:
    • violet: a versatile UML editor I used and rewrote almost completely
    • jung: for visualizing the simulation structure as a graph
    • jfreechart: for plots of any sorts (and more!)
  • other utilities:
    • log4j: the logging utilities for Apache (even if not everything is loggable yet!)

I would like to not thank Jess at all for not giving me any opportunity to test their software despite being in an academic settings.

Until now and as far as I know, this software is referenced in the following websites:

Finally, these links would not be complete without a reference to the other platform developped in the same team: CORMAS: