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From Conceptual Modelling to Simulation

Last revision: September 21. 2012

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Mimosa is a modeling and simulation platform, covering the process from building conceptual models to running the simulations. The specification use ontologies and an extensible set of formalisms for the dynamics, initialization and visualization. The simulation kernel is based on DEVS.



The version 1.4.0 of Mimosa has been relased. Still a fair number of bug fixes. The main addition is the possible to use scripted cellular automata to facilitate MAS environment development. The documentation has not been updated yet.


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Conceptual modelling
Modelling is primarily modelling something. The description of the concepts, their structure and their relationships is made possible through ontologies in which the concepts are annotated by their dynamics.

Building concrete models
A model is made of concrete individuals structured by links of which descriptions are using the concepts defined in the conceptual model. Aconcrete model is a base for the initial state of the simulation.

Defining control panels
For simulation, one must define how to parameterize and to visualize the simulation model. The possibility to define control panels is offered.

Running simulations
Once everything has been properly defined, one has just to run simulations to produce the results depending on the parameter values.